the magic voice of Brazil

in the heart of europe

Daniela Procopio lives in Vienna, in the center of Europe, since 2016, and is seen by professional critics as one of the best Brazilian singers of her generation.. 

She has already released two original albums ("Daniela Procopio" and "Gueixa Tropical") that were recorded and played by some names from the Brazilian and international Jazz/Pop and Bossa Nova scene, such as the composers/arrangers: Heitor Villa-Lobos (inedit song), Eumir Deodato, Toninho Horta, Don Grusin, Jaques Morelembaum, Paulo Moura, as well as instrumentalists such as: Omar Hakin, Romero Lubambo, Hiran Bullock, Arthur Maia and Carlos Malta.

She was also honored to compose and sing some partnerships with Brazilian masters such as Roberto Menescal, João Donato, Carlinhos Brown, Moraes Moreira, Armandinho Macedo, Maria Vasco and Antonio Villeroy. In 2019 in Vienna, she also started to play with Elias Meiri. 

She participated of several Jazz and World-Music festivals in France, Austria, Brazil, Ecuador, Croatia, United States and Georgia.

Currently Daniela performs in Europe, singing in different band formats, according to the place and the event, ranging from the "duo format" to the "big band” format. The band is directed and played by the conductors: Marco Antonio da Costa and Antônio de Pádua.

In 2020 she launched a collection of covers honoring "Barry Manilow" and now she’s preparing her third album that will be produced this year in 2021 in Austria.


Shows / Concerts Formats:
1. Duo: "Tropical Romance"and "DaniEla".
2. Trio: "Spiritual Show", "Show Cristalino", "Tropical Orient".
3. Quartet: "Daniela Procopio"
4. Emsemble: "Caravana Holiday"
5. Big Band: "Jatobá"

'Daniela manages to given a firm and innovative performer on this particular song as well as on the remainder of this new Cd. Those who won't take the time to listem to this record carefully will miss the boat to the infinity and will end up having to swim...Daniela is it!"

Eumir Deodato

"...but for me the impact of hearing her first time, I was thihking tonight, it was just like that, when I heard Jane Monheit and Diana Krall, in the past of 10 years!"

Roberto Menescal